As the epitome of macho manliness, Royal Enfield is synonymous with strength, endurance, and tenacity. But like every beast is marred with scars- making it more ferocious than before- your machine too wears down and needs to be tweaked and peaked to reinstate its former glory.

If you are a Royal Enfield owner, perhaps you’re already aware of the service centre stories. In fact, so many R.E. enthusiasts second-guess their choice because of the negative customer service reviews online.

And this is the number one thing we had vowed to change.

After learning the hard way, we understood that a lack of technical knowledge in technicians coupled with dealers’ laidback attitude is the number one reason why Royal Enfield owners face servicing issues. Given that India is the manufacturing hub, the situation was rather dismal.

So we set out to strike at the very crux of the problem. From highly experienced technicians with thorough knowledge of specific model-related issues to state-of-the-art equipments, we offer unparalleled services. Besides industry certified machines coupled with holistic technical knowledge, it is further obligatory for each of our technicians to undergo an extensive training procedure.

Whether it is your first 500 km checkup or you need to get a major hiccup fixed, now there’s always someone you can rely on- Acclaim Motors. We take pride in having become a reputed name within such a short span of time and are also fast-becoming the go-to service centers for Royal Enfield owners in Bangalore.

More Than Just Servicing

Besides our skilled team and first-rate equipments, we have won loyal customers because of the personal touch we promise. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re in a business for the love of it, we always keep ourselves abreast with each of our customers’ requirements and status.

There are times when even a staunch Enfielder does not know what is wrong with the bike. This is when our experienced and trained technicians come into the picture and deduce the actual cause of the issue, there’s no guessing games or trial and error methods.

Plus we believe that riders’ basic knowledge of dos and don’ts of maintaining a Royal Enfield can drastically improve the longevity of the bike. And we always make it a point to share nuggets of valuable information.

After all servicing does not just pertain to the basic oil change or getting the engine fixed, servicing goes way beyond the technical aspect. At Acclaim Motors, servicing includes a tailor-made approach suiting individual customer’s needs, albeit with a personal touch.

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