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For The Love Of It

When a Pilot, a Real estate guy, and an Exporter come together to kickstart their own Royal Enfield dealership, you know there’s more in it than just money.

As avid bulleteers and stalwarts of the Royal Enfield brotherhood, there was this pull to be associated with Royal Enfield in a bigger way. And eventually, countless on-the-ride-meetings later, this pull led to the birth of this passion-driven business.

Passion played a major part in getting this dealership up and running, but we were also tired of the dismal customer service. You’d agree if you are an existing Royal Enfield owner, some of our friends got to the point of selling their bikes because of poor customer service experiences.

We heard most of the owners complain of how a lot of times the service guys do not even understand the problem let alone do a good job. So we decided to change the game.

Given our loyalty and love for Royal Enfield, we knew it was about time someone ironed out this glitch in owning a Royal Enfield.

So, with an aim to not just be a part of the RE family but also build a robust end-to-end sales and service solution, we offer a welcome reprise from the current situation. We ensure that our technicians and staff pass a stringent hiring procedure. All new employees are made to undergo a mandatory technical training workshop, extensive product knowledge training, soft skills training, and a lot more, before they start working on the floor.

Be it an early 80’s model or the latest addition to the legacy, they are thoroughly well-versed with every aspect of servicing. Plus there’s always personal supervision- we knew we cannot be laidback or worse, lackadaisical.

Finally we roped in the best technicians who have been associated with the brand, got our bikers’ den (showroom) readied, and jumped on the wagon.

We love what we do, and we’re in it as bikers first and dealers second.

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