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It is a matter of pride to be inducted into the Royal Enfield brotherhood. Having now acquired a cult-like status, Royal Enfield riders’ club is for everyone who owns or wishes to own a Royal Enfield.

When you become a part of the Acclaimed Riders, there’s so much you can learn and experience. First and foremost, the knowledge you get makes you understand the full potential of your bike. And the ride stories are worth listening to.

Members can collectively go on saddle sore challenges or couple their rides with adventurous activities like off-roading, trekking, rafting. Or simply decide on a ride plus mini vacation by organizing BBQ and camping.

Whether it is the Rider Mania, the Himalayan Odyssey or a local club ride, riding to even a familiar place gives it a completely different perspective. The wind against your body, the rhythmic thump of your bike, and the landscape passing by evokes a palpable feeling that is indeed addictive to say the least.

At Acclaim Motors, we are all passionate riders but there’s another important component that is sacrosanct to us- Safety. Besides the correct riding gear, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of educating our members about the safety requirements. This becomes especially necessary if we are about to set on a ride.

Before every ride, our experienced team ensures that your bikes are in top gear. From minor tweaks to major adjustments, we call for a mandatory pre-ride checkup. In addition to a service check, all the riders are invited to attend workshops teaching them the basic repair techniques in case of an emergency. Plus we also touch on safety requirements during our workshops.

As already established, safety is a major concern. Most of our members know these safety tips, some of them are even repetitive but just like how the ‘use protection’ advice is overused but imperative, we strongly recommend that our riders attend these workshops before every ride. Also, there will always be professional backup available.

You can live a thousand lives in one ride, but no ride should be at the cost of even one life.

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